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Why facial extraction ? 

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Who invented Brazilian wax ?

Brazilian wax is the removal of hair from the entire genital area, including any fluff between the buttocks.

Two sisters from Brazil whom named themselves as “J Sisters” brought in the waxing technique to New York in the ‘90s, due to overwhelming of string bikini was introduced in 1980s.

Is Brazilian wax safe ?

Yes, it is safe with pre and post care procedures. We strongly recommend pre-finding with therapist and be more ready. Type of wax, therapist skill and after wax services (post consultation)  by the therapist are the key factors to ensure you are care and not left alone.   

It is also safe for pregnant woman and age 16 above woman. 

Why Brazilian wax ? 
There are few factors from customers who wax often : 

First, it is for hygiene especially during menses duration. Less germ and clean feel.

Second, it help in sex life.

Third, regular wax help to remove dead cell, hence improve the smoothness of your skin and color (dark patch due to hormone change)

Fourth, to replace your regular shaving that may cause ingrown hair.

Why and what is Brazilian wax ? 

Why Healthy Skin ?  

brazilian wax
healthy facial

O2 Spa facial is a deep cleanse facial which improves skin condition and removes impurities that has been embedded within the skin.
In 1 hr, we provide the full facial process. 

The trial price for O2 Spa Facial is $18.80. 

If you have bought from us, feel free to ask us for a FREE session.  

What is good skin and how to archive it?

A Healthy skin is clear, smooth, even skin tone and firm. A basic way to achieve good skin is food intake, such as eating plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants is good for your whole body, including your skin. Antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamins C, E, and A can curb the damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals.  

What is unhealthy skin and how to improve it ?

 it is easy to notice patches of different tones all over the face. These patches could appear as blotches of reddened or darkened color.

For 15 age to late 20, the unhealthy skin is acne or clog skin that caused by excess of sebum formation. Other condition could be sensitive due to inflammation.


For age 30 and above, your skin start shows sign of aging such as lack of elasticity, less firm and noticeable fine line below eye or forehead. 

To improve skin condition, a regular facial and good regime face care routine  is a must,  plus healthy eating habit like more fruits and vegetables, less deep fried food and processed food. 

We also believe a simple yet effective facial can change your skin (hence your outlook) condition within short period. Why wait, find out more about O2 Spa Facial.

What cause pain in the muscles? 

Neck Massage

Why do I get muscle pains ?

Muscle pains are most often related to tensions, overuse, or muscle injury from excess exercising or hard physical works. The pain tends to involve specific part of muscle. It starts during or just after an activity or movement. It is often obvious which activity is causing the pain.


How to release the muscle pain ?  

Massage is one of few ways to relieve muscle pains, that help to increase blood flow to all parts of a body, which can promote healing to areas affected by injury.


How often do I need a massage ?

Typically, massage once a month is ideal for keeping your muscle tissues pliable and in good shape. If you are in chronic pain or have a special issue to address, more frequent massaging are recommended, that is twice a month.


How to speed up the release of muscle pain ?  

Essential oils (mixture of few essential oils) can be added on to massage, to loosen and softer the muscles that decrease in physical aches and pain.  

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